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Gynecology, obstetrics and fertility consultation.

  • The gynecology and obstetrics service provides care on aspects of a woman's health throughout her life: from adolescence to menopause.
  • Gynecological control. Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of uterine, endometrial, ovary and tubal pathology.
  • Placement and chage of rings.
  • Smear, HPV test, smear+HPV.
  • Contraceptive advice. Possibility of insertion of subdermal implants and coils.
  • Study, treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Reproductive advice. Possibility of ovary reserve study, fertility study and treatment in an individual, familiar and close way.
  • Confirmation and dating of pregnancy. Attention and control of gestation.
  • Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis test in maternal blood.
  • Emotional ultrasound.
  • Gynecological consultation and scan: 70 €.
  • Obstetrics consultation and scan: 80 €.
  • Emotional ultrasound: 100 €.
  • Smear: 32,5 €.
  • Other services: Ask at the clinic.