Tai chi chuan

Due to the stresses of modern day living – Lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and no time to dedicate to ourselves, our body and mind become imbalanced which leads to many other ailments…..

  • TAI CHI CHUAN (Supreme Boxing Style) is not only a proven for it’s therapeutic effects gymnastics and meditation whilst moving, it is the origin of all martial arts. With it’s characteristics of being an aerobic exercise of low to moderate impact, it is highly recommended as a form of rehabilitation and therapy.

  • The practice of Tai Chi Chuan requires concentration (meditation), that in turn serves to improve body awareness, balance whilst correcting poor posture. Suitable for all ages and health conditions and requires no specific equipment. The style we practice is known as “CHEN”. In our classes we practise the art of CHI KUNG, FORMING, HAND PUSHING MOVEMENT, SELD-MASSAGE AND MEDITATION

  • A one hour class, twice a week costs 40 € per month



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