Due to the stresses of modern day living – Lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and no time to dedicate to ourselves, our body and mind become imbalanced which leads to many other ailments…

  • Yoga is an ancient holistic health promoting philosophy. During a class we do exercises, breathing techniques, concentration, relaxation and meditation to apply new knowledge about ourselves. Knowing oneself, one can improve oneself. The exercises are standing, sitting and lying. We ensure the body has the ability to be stretched and work our balance. Our mind is simultaneously challenged to be present and our breath is encouraged to be part of this trinity. Yoga means union, among other things. And the goal is here: To feel as whole and present as possible. Wellness. Welcome to Yoga.

  • Yoga can make you stronger and happier on all levels – body, mind and soul. Yoga is suitable for
    most people, regardless of sex, age, or body and helps you to just feel easy and start each new
    day with more energy.

  • Hatha Yoga based on Sivananda: classical Yoga combining breathing exercises, body exercises
    and relaxation
    Hormonal Yoga based on Dinah Rodrigues: a special focus of Yoga that helps your body bringing
    the hormons back to a balanced state. Therefore it attracts mostly women helping especially in
    the times of the climacterium and discomforts around menstruation. But it can help everybody.

  • Classes of 75 minutes, 2x per week = monthly 50 €

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