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Due to the stresses of modern day living – lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and no time to dedicate to ourselves, our body and mind become imbalanced which leads to many other ailments.

  • Yoga is an ancient holistic health promoting philosophy. During a class we do exercises, breathing techniques, concentration, relaxation and meditation to apply new knowledge about ourselves.
  • Knowing oneself, one can improve oneself. The exercises are standing, sitting and lying. We ensure the body has the ability to be stretched and work our balance.
  • Our mind is simultaneously challenged to be present and our breath is encouraged to be part of this trinity. Yoga means union, among other things.
  • And the goal is here: To feel as whole and present as possible. Wellness. Welcome to Yoga.
  • Yoga can make you stronger and happier on all levels – body, mind and soul.
  • Yoga is suitable for most people, regardless of sex, age or body and helps you to just feel easy and start each new day with more energy.
  • Hatha Yoga based on Sivananda: classical Yoga combining breathing exercises (Pranayama), body exercises (Asanas) and relaxation.
  • Hormonal Yoga based on Dinah Rodrigues: a special focus of Yoga that helps your body bringing the hormons back to a balanced state. Therefore it attracts mostly women helping especially in the times of the climacterium and discomforts around menstruation. But it can help everybody.
  • Classes of 75 minutes, 2x per week = monthly 50€.
  • Classes of 75 minutes, 1x per week = monthly 25€.