Our Professionals

Heather JanssensHeather Janssens
 Specialist in Physiotherapy from the University of Salamanca. Expert in the field of infant psychomotor from the University of Madrid.
 1999 - 2002. Diploma in Physiotherapy. Infirmorum Salus School, University of Salamanca.
 2002 - 2004. Psychomotor Master. Psicopraxis Psychomotor Center (Madrid) 500 hrs.
 2004 - 2006. Psychomotor Therapy Expert Course. University of Madrid, 300 hrs.
 2009 - 2012. 2009 - 2012. Master in Advanced Manipulative Techniques and Structural Osteopathy 9th Edition.
 University of Valencia.

sara-fotoSara Herrero Ortega
 Specialist in Physical Therapy from the University of Valencia
 Pilates Instructor
 Diploma in Physiotherapy University of Valencia.
 2002 – 2005. School of Physiotherapy, University of Valencia.
 2009 – 2011. Master in Advanced Manipulative Techniques and Structural Osteopathy, University of Valencia.

daphne-fotoDaphne Van Soom (col.5018)
 Specialist in Physiotherapy from the University Miguel Hernández of Elche (UMH)
 2011-2015: Grade of Physiotherapy. University Miguel Hernández of Elche (UMH).
 2015-currently: Official master in Osteopathy and Manual Therapy. Catholic University San
Antonio of Murcia (UCAM, Murcia).
 2014: Course of prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in dancers (Centre of Prevention in
Performing Arts, Barcelona).
 2015: Course of assessment and treatment of temporo-mandibular disorders.

foto-beatrizBeatriz Mayor Muñoz
 Specialist in psychology from University of Valencia (nº col.: CV12584)
 Masters in Legal Psychology from Catholic University of Valencia
 Multidisciplinary course on "ADHS" (Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity).

Carmen Chacón MadrazoCarmen Chacón Madrazo
 Licensed in psychology through the University Pontificia in Salamanca. N° col CV11869
 1998 Expert in drug dependencies. University Complutense in Madrid.
 2013 Certification in Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence (EI). Intercoach.
 2016 Specialization in Intervention and Family Therapy. University Miguel Hernández (continuous).

clair-fotoClair Parsons
 English speaking Counselling Psychologist from Roehampton University London
 1996-1999 BSc (Hons.) Psychology.
 2000-2001 PGCert Advanced research methods within Social Science.
 2004-2006 Diploma in Counselling and Hypnotherapy.
 Currently practicing from an Inside-out understanding within Psychology.

Lourdes Brines BenlliureLourdes Brines Benlliure
 Diploma in Logopaedics at Valencia University (1998-2001).
 License in Social and Cultural Anthropology through the National University for Distance Learning, UNED (2011-2014).
 Associate professor at Valencia University for Logopaedics. I lecture on the following subjects: “Logopaedic intervention for acquired brain damages” and “Logopaedic intervention for neurodegenerative disorders”.
 Specialization in logopaedics for Judicial Expertise (2016).

YvoneeIvonne Pannier
 Specialist for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Yoga teacher
 1997-2000. Diploma in Commercial Information Technology (BA)
 2007-2009. Naturopath
 2008. Massage Therapy (Paracelsus Schule, Germany)
 2009. Yoga teacher (Yoga Vidya Germany)
 2007-2011. Studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Diploma (ABZ Mitte, Offenbach, Germany)
 2011. Advanced Training Hormonal Yoga
 Since 2011. Constantly doing advanced trainings in the sectors TCM and Yoga, e.g. Pregnany, Sound Therapy, Burnout, Stress Reduction Training

CynthiaCynthia Perdreauville
 Art Therapist, Creative Artist.
 B.A. Degree Major in Fine Arts, Certified Pedagogic Adaptation for High school teaching (Teacher’s Certificate), Certified Advanced Studies in the Doctorate of Fine Arts titled Contemporary Artistic Territories.
 1999 – 2005 B.A. Degree Major in Fine Arts, University of Miguel Hernández of Elche, Fine Arts Faculty in Altea (Alicante).
 2005 – 2008 Advances Studies, Period of Teaching and Investigation, from the Doctorate of Fine Arts titled Contemporary Artistic Territories, U.M.H. Altea.
 2006 – 2007 Diploma for Certified Pedagogic Adaptation for High school teaching (Teacher’s Certificate), U.M.H., Faculty of San Juan (Alicante).
 2012 – 2014 VIII Edition of the Master in Art Therapy and Plastic Art Mediation, University of Murcia, Faculty of Psychology, School of Psychological Practice, Murcia.

Carmen-taichiCarmen Murcia
 Taichi Chuan Instructor
 Level 1 National Instructor Hun Yuan Neigong 2008.
 1st DAN black belt by the Spanish Federation of Olympic Fights.
 1st DAN black belt in Wu-Shu in 1999 by the Federation of Judo.
 Taichi Chuan and Chi Kung therapy instructor by the Association HUN YUAN Chen style in 1998.
 Diploma in Basic General Education Teachers in Murcia in 1979.

Carmen Sánchez SeguraCarmen Sánchez Segura
 Relational Psychomotricity, Specialist for infantile movement according to Emmi Pikler, parenting with affection and loving alliance, infantile educator.
 Formation in Gestalt therapy, Enneagram, Systemic work and Mother-Child-accompaniment and Mother-Family-accompaniment.
 Yoga teacher (ETY Viniyoga).
 Educator of Yoga teachers based on ETY Viniyoga Spain, formed by Claude Marechal, TKV Desikachar and Cristina S. de Ynestrillas in Spain Europe Chennai (India).
 Trained in Vedic Chant (Mantras) by Martyn Neil.

Ysabel GallegoYsabel Gallego Blanco
 Early childhood educator, studies for Physical Education teacher.
 Music studies at the Conservatory Jesus of Monastery in Santander.
 Belly Dance teacher since 2009 with the Sarabi method.
 DDT teacher training in the specialties of Valencia Tribal Fusion and Maternity, attachment parenting and babywearing.

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