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Pregnancy is the moment of cultivating ourselves, calming down and learning to look into ourselves…,
Yoga gives us a hand to be able to enjoy this time and prepares our body for the changes that come along. It leads us the way into relaxation which is so important during childbirth.
Yoga during pregnancy is going further than the pure movement. With appropriate respiration and consciousness Yoga helps giving birth to a new life and gaining a deeper feeling for motherhood.

  • THE OBJECTIVE of this formation is gaining the ability of using Yoga as a resource for professional accompaniment for women, couples and families in their times of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and after birth.
  • The education opens a space to strengthen the awareness of the own body and respiration, teaches the guiding of visualizations and Mantras with the goal of going inside, relaxing ourselves and others, supporting the connection with the own self and starting to listen the movement of the own emotions and accompanying the emotions of others.
  • The formation is aimed at professionals from the areas of health and education, midwifes, physiotherapists, Yoga teachers and other professionals that like to work in the fields of pre- and after-birth and accompaniment of families.
  • Corporal, respiratory and mental awareness.
  • The sessions also derive their content from the attitude of experimentation and out of this originating theoretic methods that are necessary.
  • CARMEN SANCHEZ SEGURA, Yoga teacher and trainer of teachers based on ETY Viniyoga, relational psychomotricity.
    Child educator, formed in anatomy of movement, specialist for infantile movement based on PIKLER LOZCY, formed in mother-child-accompaniment, formed in eneagram, Gestalt therapy and vedic chant.
  • Gaining awareness of the own body working with Asanas (corporal exercises), their possible adaptations and learning the use of the Asanas and their positive effects as well as on the mother as well as on the baby and the whole family. Working consciously with the pelvis and the pelvic floor, the breast, the perineum, the back and the uterus. Relaxation of the whole body.
  • Studying the corporal changes during pregnancy and their relation to rooting, balance, flexibility, and power for the process of pregnancy, birth and after birth.
  • Becoming aware of the own respiration, respiration as a supporting tool for the movements of and within the body, PRANAYAMAS (respiration exercises) adapted to the phase of pregnancy. Special respiration exercises for the phase of childbirth. Respiration as a resource of developing the own trust and the empathy in the accompaniment of women in these phases of life. Respiration and Relaxation.
  • The chanting of MANTRAS, the meaning of sound and its connection with life.
  • The connection between the corporal, respiratory and emotional processes.
  • Teaching of Yoga for 2 as an option to work with couples.
  • Self-reflection and personal work on the attitude of accompaniment and perception of others.

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