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Sonia Migani



  • Superior grade in Diet and Nutrition – Kapital Intelligente – 2000 hrs.
  • Macrobiotic diet and ailments level 1 and 2 – IME Valencia – 400 hrs.
  • Menu for special diet training – 30 hrs.
  • Ayurveda training therapies and Nutrition – Kannur (India) – 200 hrs.

My life has been a journey through cultures, countries and people all of them feeding my soul and enriching my life.

With a grade in Tourism I have dedicated many professional years working for International companies in Hotels and travel agencies across Europe, Mexico and Asia.

Every step I made in Tourism, it was also a step in my inner journey into Health, Nutrition, Fitness.

Vegetarian at 20 years old, Vegan at 30, Macrobiotic at 40, I combined my passion with academic studies in Diet and Nutrition.

Our body is a perfect machine and as such we need to take good care of it with healthy food, simple as yet delicious.

My motto is ….It is not all about diet, think healthy.