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According to Vibrational Medicine, our health or sickness is related to our body, thoughts and emotions; a problem in any of these aspects can generate vibrations that alter the harmony and therefore, weaken our health condition.

In Vibrational Medicine with Bach Flowers, we use for the therapy floral essences and the art of Crystal Therapy; applied in small and delicate doses of quartz crystals and a selection of natural artisanal preparations coming from various types of wild plant species.

During the treatment, a study is made of the emotional needs of the person, permitting the application of two different method types:

  • Selecting and combining the 38 floral essences associated to 38 emotions, which will be chosen according to the present particular needs (problems of anxiety, low state of mind, adaptation to changes, lack of concentration in studies, making decisions, grieving processes, etc.)
  • Testing the person to know his/hers Eneatype in the Eneagram of passions and combine the different floral essences to help attain ones emotional balance.

In both cases, the person will receive, at the same time, personal accompaniment during the development process.

  • Individual sessions (advice + preparation of essences): 35€