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The food we are eating is steadily getting worse than before, due to the manipulation of food by the food industry and our lifestyle. This is reflected in the increase in health problems such as obesity, hormonal disorders, autoimmune diseases and emotional imbalances.

The food we eat is one of the main factors in our health, and we eat at least 2 or 3 times a day.
Hippocrates said: "let food be your medicine"

In Altea Salut, we offer nutrition treatments adapted to your particular condition/ symptoms and we work together to obtain the best results for you.

  • Elimination diet
  • Hypoallergic diet
  • Anti-inflammatory diet
  • AIP (autoimmune) diet
  • Paleo Diet
  • Weight loss
  • Food addiction
  • Digestive problems (bloating, constipation, dysbiosis, intestinal permeability)

Diets are customized to the client's health status and personal circumstances.

Anyone who:

  • Wants to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Has a health problem and wants to eliminate symptoms.
  • Wants to improve their eating habits, gain vitality or rejuvenate.


  • FIRST SESSION: Collection of information. Session to determine the benefits provided by the treatment and collect information about patient’s health.
    You can bring a recent blood test (less than 3 months old).
    1 hour duration.
  • SECOND SESSION. Delivery of the Health Plan. Detailed explanation of what to eat and why according to the information provided in the previous session. This includes the food plan, report and support material.
    Determination of habits that will complement and reinforce the success of the treatment.
    30-45 minutes duration.
  • THIRD SESSION. Plan Adjustments. We will analyze your adaptation to the food plan and make the necessary adjustments according to the changes experienced.
    If we started with an elimination diet, we will value the reintroduction of new foods.
    30-45 minutes duration.

The maximum time between sessions is two weeks.


To evaluate the results, solve difficulties (recipes, cravings, physical changes) and strengthen the new habits.

Follow-up sessions are important because they keep the motivation and commitment to the treatment.

You will receive my support to move forward with your new lifestyle and food habits.

INITIAL PACK: ask the professional.

The price of the Initial Plan includes the consultation and the preparation of the plan and educational material.

FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS: ask the professional.

Individual sessions or 4 sessions bono at a discount price.

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