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Reiki (universal energy) is a technique that unblocks, harmonizes and helps in the healing at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • A session of Reiki helps us to reestablish and recharge the energy at a general level, like for emotional imbalances and problems or physical ailments. Reiki acts in depth going to the root of the problem or imbalance resulting in great support in the natural healing process.
  • Provides physical and mental vitality
  • Relieves acute and chronic pain
  • Harmonizes and strengthens the immune system: allergies, intolerances, asthma….
  • Promotes relaxation by reducing or eliminating anxiety, stress, nervousness…
  • Helps emotional and mood disorders.
  • Level I Sessions: By placing the hands in distinct strategic positions of the body the vital universal energy is transmitted which balances and restores our own vital energy thus favoring our healing ability. The session has a duration of one hour and 15 minutes approximately and the person lies on a massage bed or stretcher.
  • Level II Sessions: In each session, a specific aspect that the person wants to clarify and heal will be worked on, going to the cause of the problem.
  • Reiki I – First consultation (1h 30 min): 45€
  • Reiki I – Normal session (1h 15 min): 40€
  • Reiki II – First consultation (1h 15 min): 45€
  • Reiki II – Normal session (1h): 40€
  • Treatment for children – (30-45 min): 30€