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Focusing on children of an early age right through to adolescence, the objective is to help them to become aware of their bodies, to recognize emotions and find ways to communicate with themselves and others. The psychomotor therapists work in both group sessions or individually, using various techniques: games of exploration or of symbolism, dancing, music, relaxation, modelling, etc. The main goal being to encourage and facilitate cognitive and physical development in order to prevent any disruption of development and achieving good social adjustment both in the family and at school.

Psychomotor developmental problems (from an early age to adolescence)

  • Psychomotor retardation
  • Down syndrome
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hyperactivity and lack of perception
  • Autism
  • Etc.
  • Early Warning, global stimulation through massage, sounds, colours, shapes, movement, etc. For children with developmental delay, premature fetal distress or that have neurological or psychomotor retardation in general.
  • Re-education using psychomotor therapy. Both group and individual sessions for children with disabilities, psycho, emotional, intellectual or social problems.
  • Psychomotor individual therapy. Individual sessions with children who present more severe illness that require special care and attention.
  • Individual psychomotor therapy session – 45 mins: 38 €
  • Individual psychomotor therapy session – 60 mins: 45 €
  • Psychomotor group therapy: 20 €
  • We collaborate with the Association “Integra”, so if you are a member then a 45 minute session costs 25€.