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  • Cut and milling of the nails.
  • Treatment of corns and calluses.
  • Treatment of onychocryptosis (ingrown nail): ortonixias, brackets, nail surgery.
  • Treatment of plantar warts and papillomas.
  • Alteration of sweating, hyperhidrosis.
  • Treatment of fungal infections.
  • Reconstruction of altered nails, after a traumatism or affectation of these by illness or infection, in order to recover their normal aspect.
  • The reconstruction we can do with polymeric resin or gel treated with clotrimazol, thus we prevent the proliferation of fungi.
  • Specific for each individual.
  • Treatment of the mechanical problems of the foot.
  • They adapt completely to your foot permitting total mobility and correcting your support.
  • Made by orthopedic specialists with top quality materials.
  • Soles for everyday used by both adults and children.
  • Soles specifically for athletes.

Minimal incision surgery of the foot is a set of surgical techniques that permit, through small incisions and with a minimal traumatism of the tissues, treating pathologies and deformities such as: Hallux valgus (bunions), hammertoes, helomata (corns) dorsal or interdigital, calcaneal (heel) spur, metatarsalgias, etc.

The advantages of this type of surgery are many:

  • Local anesthesia, the patient leaves walking.
  • Mild postoperative pain.
  • Can solve various pathologies.
  • Minimal risk of infection.
  • Minimal scar.
  • These techniques favor quick recovery.
  • Diabetic foot is a pathology that affects persons that suffer with diabetes which produces sensitive, neurological and vascular alterations in the inferior extremities such as infections, ulcerations and other changes.
  • A complete study is made, neurological exploration, echo Doppler, Yao index or ankle brachial index (ABI), etc. and we apply the treatments indicated for your improvement and healing, soles, silicone orthosis, ulcer cure, etc.