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A treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine is always an individual therapy. It is based on an intensive interview (anamnesis), pulse and tounge diagnose. A normal session takes between 45 and 60 minutes. When you come the first time I normally do a more intensive first visit ananmesis which lasts 90 minutes including treatment. Treatment includes the following techniques: Acupuncture, Massage, Moxa and other convenient techniques like sound therapy.

  • Chronic and acute pains: e.g. headaches, migraine, backpane, knee pain, etc.
  • Women: discomforts around menstruation/menopause, acupuncture during pregnancy
  • Treatmen of children
  • Accompanying medical treatments: e.g. high blood pressure, cancer
  • Problems with digestion and weight
  • Neurological problems: working with ictus, numbness
  • Support and strengthening after operations
  • Acute Tinnitus
  • Acupuncture
  • Moxa
  • Guasha
  • Sound Therapy
  • Yoga/Qi Gong
  • Massage

1. Body massage en combination with SOUND 

Working with sound in a massage is a really special experience. I like to mix a corporal massage of the back and then using various sound tools that produce especially natural sounds like our voice which is the most incredible sound instrument of all. Our voice can produce so many sounds including overtones that have a deep healing effect especially on the hormonal glands. Other instruments are for example tibetan bowls, special tuning forks, ocean drum, monochord and other.Sound works different than a pure physical body massage. Our body consists of around 70% water and water is a really good medium to transport sound down to our smallest cells. Different sounds work different on our body which you probably have already realized when listening to different kinds of music.Sound relaxes the body and helps to establish inner balance. It can often bring you in a state of deep relaxation where our body is able to heal itself. Furthermore sound not only works on the physics but also connects us with our emotions and therefore releases tensions caused by emotions.

So a combined massage with sound on the one hand relaxed our physical body and our mind.

And if you like the massage can also be pure sound without bodywork at all.

2. Thai Yoga Massage

A Thai Yoga massage is a type of massage that is done on the floor for example on Yoga mats wearing really comfortable cloths that allow your body to be moved.

In this type of massage the practitioner on the one hand uses different pressing and touching techniques working especially with the thumbs and the palms on special lines and points of the body. On the other hand the body of the client is gently moved and slightly brought into different kinds of postures also known in Yoga.

This mixture of movement and pressure relaxes tensions in the muscles and stretches gently the whole body with a final feeling of relaxation and energy liberation.

The Thai Yoga massage has its origin in the Ayurvedic although many points and lines used in this massage can be recognized in the meridians used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

3. Ayurvedic Massage

The Ayurvedic massage is a full body massage with good quality oil. It’s a massage that does not live from hard pressure on the muscles of the body but from a fluid movement that connects all parts of the body. This is really important as a tension and pain in one area of our body is connected to many other points in our body and may be caused by another region or it may effect other regions. Therefore massaging the whole body helps release tension in all parts and so relaxes the whole body.

Together the oil, the massage in movement and the work on the whole body help us to relax and maybe even to disconnect from all the things that are constantly in our mind and just be in the present moment.

4. Foot Reflexology

In foot reflexology we “only” work on the feet. With a little bit of oil both feet are massaged.

But WHY the FEET?

The feet (like the hands and ears) represent a reflection of our whole body – from the head to the toes, the extremities, the organs, the glands… This means that working with the feet we can relieve pain and imbalances in the whole body and so help us to relax and turn off the sympathetic nerve for a moment.

And we only have to take of our socks and yet we can start…

Treatment with TCM – normal session: 45 €

Treatment with TCM – first anamnesis: 45 €

Treatment of children: 45€

A supplement of 10€ is charged for home visits.

Contact: medicinachina@alteasalut.com